Supporting Resistance


A significant part of the Skipchen ethos is supporting communities in the struggle against the structures that prioritise profit over people.

We recognise that food waste is a symptom of the capitalist neoliberal system that is failing humanity and the planet/mother nature.

We understand that the same system that causes and allows food waste to occur, also results in climate change, the financial crisis, the violation of human rights & the erosion of our civil liberties, conflict & resource wars, gender inequality, wealth inequality, housing & employment crises, racism & colonialism.

This is why we support the wider social change & activism community, because everything is connected and we are all part of a larger movement working to create a better and fairer future.

Resistance we have sustained so far:

Leeds Community Project, Rising Up/Feed Bristol, Reclaim the Power: Didcot Mass Action Camp, Refugees Welcome: Bristol March, Bristol Climate March, Bristol Carriageworks Action Group, Calais Refugee Camp