About Us


We are an anti-food waste campaign, with aims.

  • We stop food waste by connecting with people along the food system supply chain, having conversations about the problem of waste and collecting their surplus. These people could be individuals or corporations, waste occurs along the entire supply chain
  • We feed this surplus food to people, as that is why it was grown in the first place
  • We educate & raise awareness of this global issue in a variety of ways to spread the message that there needs to be a collective effort to stop waste
  • We are communicating our cause to organisations with a role to play making the future less wasteful, including supermarkets, growers, shops, distribution centres and individuals
  • We aim to create a sense of community wherever we are, this means giving energy and hope to places we all live, gathering resources available, sharing ideas, building solidarity with organisations and people & seeing community as the most important capital we need!

A little story of our history…


We hit Bristol by storm at the end of 2014 and ran a pop-up cafe in Stokes Croft, we served over 20,000 meals in 8 months, all from food fit for the bin!

Since the pop-up ended in May this year we have run two successful solidarity trips to Calais refugee camp as well as spent the summer touring our campaign in our Food Rescue Ambulance.
We have had a really busy year and are currently regrouping to deploy the next part of our campaign. For this reason we don’t have a permanent cafe to share with you but you can still book us for events and talks and we still need volunteers, so if you are interested in getting invovled get in touch!

We are part of  The Real Junk Food Project,  a pioneering movement with an overarching aim of putting itself out of existence by abolishing avoidable food waste. It is a rapidly growing organic movement of 100% food surplus Pay As You Feel cafés, if there isn’t already one near you, we can help you start one!
Our food comes from a variety of weird and wonderful sources from  supermarket skips to film sets, to world record attempts, it seems where there is food there is waste!
Eating with us is a political act, you are rejecting a wasteful society that puts profit before people. Be an Economic rebel, peacefully protesting!