Who are the women leading the sustainable food revolution?

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’re honouring the incredible women who are leading the sustainable food revolution around the world.

Pam WarhurstPam Warhurst, co-founder and chairperson of Incredible Edible Todmorden and previous chair of the Forestry Commission of Great Britain.

Incredible Edible is an urban guerilla gardening project that has inspired a global movement of urban community growing that builds community resilience, relocalises our food system, and challenges the use and waste of urban spaces!

We went to the birthplace of the Incredible Edible movement in Todmorden and were blown away by the passion and guerrilla spirit of these hardy food warriors.

They taught us is ‘It’s better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission!’

Vandana ShivaVandana Shiva , ecofeminist, seed and food sovereignty champion & land reclaiming angel of the earth.

Vandana has made it her life’s mission to take on the corporate food giants that want to infiltrate our global food system with GM crops, patent our seeds and steal nature’s intellectual property.

She founded Navdanya, which promotes sustainable agricultural practices, womens and indigenous land rights, defends against biopiracy and rejuvenates indigenous farming knowledge.

Thanks to Vandana, there are now 111 seed banks in India, over 3000 varieties of rice have been conserved and over 500,000 farmers have been trained in food and seed sovereignty and sustainable agriculture.

Power to the people!

Food-Sovereignty-Prize-03Jeomek Bak, chairperson of the Korean Women’s Peasant Association (KWPA).

KWPA has been leading the fight for food sovereignty, advocating sustainable agricultural practices and opposing the neo-liberal industrial scale farming policies in Korea. They are the voice for Korean women farmers, and have been instrumental in creating local, ecologically sustainable agricultural supply chains and setting up native seed banks.

They won the 2012 Food Sovereignty Prize for “promoting food sovereignty, women’s rights, and the survival of small-scale Korean farmers.”

alice-waters-largeAlice Waters, chef, restauranter and organic food activist.

Alice advocates for fresh, sustainable, local and organic food and has successfully transformed restaurant culture and practices in California through her pioneering restaurant Chez Panisse.

She set up the Chez Panisse Foundation which uses food to teach, nurture and empower young people. The Foundation’s Edible Schoolyard and Edible Education project is an organic kitchen and garden where students learn how to grow and prepare food, promoting environmental and social well being. Her School Lunch initiative aims to bring sustainable and wholesome school lunches to 10,000 students in Berkeley, California and she advocates for free school lunches at the national policy level.

Nadia Xochiquetzalli González Briseño, Mexican nutritionist, feminist and alternative agriculturist.

Frustrated by the lack of awareness around sustainable food issues and support networks for alternative agricultural systems in Mexico, Nadia created Colectivo Huautli an environmental collective. Colectivo Huautli organises talks, workshops, seed swaps with community groups to help local traditional food production.

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