The Bristol Skipchen: A Real Junk Food Project

The Real Junk Food Project is a pioneering movement with an overarching aim of putting itself out of existence by abolishing avoidable food waste. It is a rapidly growing organic movement of 100% food surplus Pay As You Feel cafés.

The Bristol Skipchen is entirely voluntary run food waste campaign whose entire menu is composed of only ‘waste’ or ‘surplus’ food.

Our food comes from a variety of sources from local businesses, supermarkets, supermarket bins/skips, catering events, local households, foodbanks, farms and wholesalers.

By dining with us we make you aware of two points which we hope challenges the way you think about our food system.

1. You are eating ‘waste’ food that would be rotting in landfill.

2. Some food you may be eating is past it’s best before date yet is delicious, healthy and hasn’t gone off.

Chew on that!


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